Driving lessons with a Grade 6 Driving Instructor for East London & Essex

Welcome to Noel Christopher Driving School for East London and Essex

About Noel:

  • Approved Driving Instructor
  • NVQ Assessor
  • Approved Fleet Trainer
  • Life coach
  • Has committed teaching learner drivers since Year 2000 in safe driving

Teaching his clients just like you! How to utilise his powerful learning strategies

called Mental Visual Rehearsal Program techniques (M.V.R.P)  to dramatically

increase learning to drive and pass 1st time.

‘Practice doesn’t make you perfect but correct practice what makes you perfect‘

Plus using the Narrative techniques Developed over the last two decades.

He shows you how to:

  • Step-by-step take control of your driving lessons
  • How you can accelerate your learning in a short period


He also specialise in:

  • Nervous driver
  • Driving test fear
  • Driving anxiety
  • Driving phobias
  • Extended driving test
  • Re-Fresher lessons

His client’s testimonials, are his true reflection of his services he provides. click here for testimonials

If you live in East London or Essex and want to pass first time then learn with the best to be the best.

Noel has achieved the highest grade possible awarded by the (DSA) Driving Standard Agency.

The DSA conducts all driving test in UK.

There are;

  • about 45,000 driving instructors in the UK
  • only 6% are Grade 6 driving instructors
  • Noel is one of those top 6%.

He has over 20 years’ experience in adult education and in driver training industry as an instructor and a coach.

His high standard in coaching learner drivers and driving instructors alike, gives a win – win success all round.

Instructor Noel is also a qualified NVQ assessor and now he is currently learning Neuro–linguistic programming (NLP) to become a practitioner. This is in aid to help learners and driving instructors to achieve their goals with minimum will power without fear.

In his spare time he coaches people how to defeat driving related fears.

He also runs a free charitable service which helps’ people to overcome diabetes, and weight loss without putting back on. Using what is known as food for Gods.

This program is unique because he has developed it to over come his own diabetes, allergies and to lose weight.

Noel believes by providing this unique service to mankind he achieves the greatest reward for self.

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